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HOW TO: send video mail in a blink using EyeJot

HOW TO: send video mail in a blink [VIDEO] using @eyejot BIG fan of app for several yrs Watch video demo http://www.screenr.com/pQp7.

EyeJot Video Mail In A Blink How To

http://www.MyVMTeam.wetpaint.com EyeJot The Video Email In A Blink. Free To Sign Up. Some How To Step by Steps For You and a Bit Of An Introduction To This Cool Site.

Eyejot for Educators

How to use Eyejot--a free video mail program that can be utilized by teachers for class contacts.

Getting started with EYEJOT (video 1)

http://bit.ly/eyejotvideo This was one of my first overviews of eyejot. I've since created many more tutorials and you can find them at http://bit.ly/icCORP Join the mailing list and participate...

BombBomb Review: Is It Time To Join The Video Email Revolution?

Check out BombBomb through this affiliate link: http://retipster.com/bb See the Full Blog Post at: http://retipster.com/bbreview Here's a recap of what BombBomb has to offer... - Chrome...

EyeJot, a clientless and offline video chat system

EyeJot, a clientless and offline video chat system.

Mailblink - blink(1) and Mail.app

Make your blink(1) blink when you get a new mail. The details are here: http://www.georgioskaramanis.com/blog/2013/1/mailblink Credit to timb's for the idea: https://getsatisfaction.com/thingm/to...

2 Minute Teacher Tech Tips: Eyejot

Eyejot allows you or your students to send 1 minute video emails for free. Students can share academic successes or teachers can share events or announcements from class. Engage your parents...

Tech Tip of the Week Steve Jamieson presents Eyejot Video Email to Set Yourself Apart!

Tech Tip of the Week at http://www.therealestatespot.ca with Steve Jamieson Managing Broker from RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside with your Tech Tip of the Week. Eyejot Video Email will help you...

How to use Eyejot as a web camera recording and email web application

Richard D Solomon, PhD, Executive Director of Jewish-education.org, narrates and demonstrates how Eyejob, a web camera and email application, can be used to promote Judaic instruction and to...